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2024 Game Schedule Moving

The Elkhart County Miracle Home Schedule Moving in 2024

Elkhart, IN—The Elkhart County Miracle is moving its home schedule to the Elkhart Athletic Complex, just off Waterfall Drive in Elkhart beginning in 2024.  Team president Craig Wallin announced the move today, and feels the switch from last year’s home field at Northwood High School will be a positive one.

“Our club had a great launch last year at Northwood’s Field of Dreams facility as we brought minor league baseball back to Elkhart County for the first time in 113 years.  I’m really looking forward to playing at our new home in Elkhart”.

Northern League President Don Popravak could not be happier.  “I believe the new location is ideal for the franchise’s growth.  Playing minutes from the central downtown area will attract an even larger fan base”.

The Northern League was originally founded in 1902 as an affiliate league of Major League Baseball.   It went dormant in 1971 and relaunched as an Independent Baseball League in 1993.  

Eleven Hall of Fame players began their professional baseball careers in the Northern League.  During the last 30 years, over 25 Northern League prospects have reached the Major Leagues while more than 300 have played in affiliated baseball.  

Last season the team featured the league’s MVP (shortstop Dawson Willis) while placing a total of five players on the NL All-Star Team.  For more information on the Miracle, visit elkhartcountymiracle.com.

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